Welcome to Tsemed Pitronot Ltd

Tsemed is a strategic software development and consulting company. Tsemed has been engaged by many companies to build software solutions and prototypes.

Clients have ranged from start-ups to household name internet companies and major network operators.

Currently, Tsemed is jointly developing products for the financial services industry


GRAPHIT creates instant interactive graphs to verify your business information.

Read more about GRAPHIT and download a free trial here

Tsemed is developing an interactive data tool for large companies.

This product is in a private beta. If you would like to join, please be in touch

Key Staff

CEO and Founder

Andrew is Tsemed's CEO. He is an experienced software developer and motivator of people. You can read about Andrew's history here.


Daniel Kelly is an associate of Tsemed with many years experience in the financial services industry. You can read about Daniel's history here.

Contact Details

Address: 5 Asher Street, Beit Shemesh, 9954605, Israel

Tel: +44 20 3287 4526

Dun & Bradstreet

Be in touch to find out more, Andrew or Daniel